Forbidden to Forbid


The Interfactional Parliamentary Association “For the Protection of Violated Rights of Citizens and Against Political Repression “Forbidden to Forbid” seeks to reveal, examine and prevent violations of the Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine, and international obligations of Ukraine




NABU Leaks investigation

Members of the the Interfactional Parliamentary Association “Forbidden to Forbid” work on the NABU Leaks case.

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In order to protect the freedom of expression as a fundamental value without which Ukrainian democracy cannot endure, a group of concerned journalists prepared a collective appeal to the heads of diplomatic missions of the United States and European countries in Ukraine with the request to support the organization of a round table, under the patronage of the US Parliament, PACE, the Council of Europe and The European Parliament. The Interfactional Association acted as a signer of the appeal.


Human Rights in Ukraine

Ukraine Human Rights Monitoring in January 2018 – April 2019

During the reporting period, the situation of respect for and protection of human rights in Ukraine by the state has been deteriorating rapidly. The rights of journalists are violated, and political repressions against unwanted media are carried out; rampant far-rightists and nationalists are encouraged by the state, para-military structures (private armies) are acting.


Office of the President of Ukraine
elections Ukraine
Monitoring of illegal interference with the process of the Presidential election in Ukraine

On March 31, 2019 in Ukraine, the first round of the regular presidential election took place. This election promises to be the dirtiest in the history of the country. The scale of violations during the pre-election period and the direct interference of the authorities with the electoral process for the sake of re-election of Petro Poroshenko is impressive.


Human rights monitoring in Ukraine in the second half of 2017

Present report analyzes the situation with respect to a number of constitutional rights of Ukrainian citizens. Particular attention is paid to the right for freedom of speech, the rights of believers, ensuring the security of citizens, limiting the rights of ethnic and linguistic minorities, securing the right for justice, the right of citizens to gather and freely express their views.


un human rights committee chamber
Monitoring of the human rights observance in Ukraine (April–July 2017)

The state is cracking down on freedom of speech in all its forms has taken a truly threatening dimension: the nationwide television company is closed, chief editors of the largest and opposition mass media of the country are arrested, citizens’ access to the most widespread social networks is blocked.


Lustration in Ukraine: expert opinion

Current legislation of Ukraine on lustration violates human rights and freedoms. This practice is not so-called soft law, advisory opinions of international organizations or adherence to European values. It is an evident violation of its own legal obligations by Ukraine as a member of the Council of Europe.


un human rights committee chamber
Violation of the right to privacy in Ukraine

In Ukraine the importance of this right for the life of every normal person is often neglected which runs contrary to the world trends and European standards.


Breach of parliamentarian rights in Ukraine

Members of Parliament in all civilized countries enjoy particular respect and a number of extra rights since they are the direct representatives of the citizens with their powers delegated by the people. Unfortunately, recently in Ukraine disregard for the rights of parliamentarians has become a common practice. Most clearly this can be seen in respect to the opposition MPs.


parliament of Ukraine