13 Russian TV channels were banned in Ukraine

The content of these TV channels was deemed incompatible with the legislation of Ukraine.

The National Council on Television and Radio deemed the channel Mezzo Live HD (France) as consistent with the European Convention on Transboundary Television and Ukrainian legislation. It also eliminated 13 Russian channels from the list of the adapted TV channels.

In particular, the following channels were eliminated from the list:

  • “My joy”;
  • “Music of One”;
  • “Ocean – TV”;
  • “HD Life”;
  • “TLC (Television Lady Club)”;
  • “24 Doc”;
  • “Kids’ Channel”;
  • “STV”;
  • “India TV”;
  • “Healthy Television”;
  • “La Minor TV”;
  • “Eurocinema”;
  • “Drive”.

The monitoring of these channels has demonstrated frequent appearances in their broadcast of the well-known persons belonging to the list of individuals, who pose a threat to national security. Furthermore, the commercial advertisements, which are forbidden to distribute through the broadcast of foreign television channels in Ukraine, unless they are included in the European Convention on Transboundary Television, were also noticed during the television channels’ broadcast”, the National Commission explained its decision.

The decision will become effective one month after its adoption, “ in order to give the providers time to adjust”.


Source: Segodnya

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