20 million people could starve to death over the next six months – the UN

20 million people may die of starvation over the next six months in South Sudan, Somalia, northeastern Nigeria and Yemen. This can happen if urgent measures to prevent this humanitarian catastrophe are not taken.

the United Nations agricultural chief today warned the UN agency’s Council.

It was stated by José Graziano da Silva, the Directory-General of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) at the opening of the 165th session.

“Famine does not just kill people, it contributes to social instability and also perpetuates a cycle of poverty and aid dependency that endures for decades,” told Mr. de Silva, according to the UN News Center .

20 million people in question are on the verge of starvation due to drought and conflict in their countries. Famine has already become a reality in parts of South Sudan.

Mr. de Silva told FAO Council members that during the week-long session he would provide them with information on the extent of the food crises in each individual country and propose a package of measures needed to prevent the disaster.

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