49 children have been killed in Donetsk Region as a result of hostilities

49 children have been killed in Donetsk Region since the hostilities began, 138 more have been wounded. This data was published by the Head Office of the National Police in Donetsk Region.

In the frontline districts, the children are forced to survive in unbearable circumstances, with no electricity, water or heating. The pupils go to school followed by the sounds of shooting, whereas some have nowhere to study at all.

According to the National Police data, out of 1198 educational institutions, there are only 542 schools left in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authority due to the terrorist aggression. These schools host 155 thousand children. Other institutions remain in the occupied territory.

Furthermore, 13 schools in Donetsk Region were closed due to constant fire and destruction. The forcedly closed schools are located in the frontline districts, on the first line of fire by the terrorists: in Avdiivka, Maryinka, Vynohradne, Novotroitske, Myronivske, Pisky, Opytne and others.


Source: New Times

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