5 thousand lawyers will participate in the selection of judges – HQJC

Now there are 30% of vacant judge posts in Ukraine and as a result of the qualification testing, this figure is increasing. Thus, lawyers and attorneys have a good opportunity to work in the judicial system. Currently, more than 5,000 lawyers have submitted applications for participation in the local courts.

Serhii Koziakov, Chairman of the High Qualifications Commission of Ukraine, announced this during the VI International Judicial and Legal Forum, which was held on June 13-14 in Kyiv, “L&B” reports.

He specified that at present there are 2447 vacant posts of judges in the judicial system, formed in the last two years after the announcement of a large-scale qualification testing for judges. Moreover, 159 judges are going to be dismissed or have been already dismissed for the last two months of the qualification.

In order to resolve the employment issue in the courts, the Commission selects new judges for the first instance. In April 2017 the selection for 600 vacant posts was announced. According to S. Koziakov, more than 5,000 lawyers applied for it.

“It is expected that at the end of October, the first candidates who undergo the training at the National School of Judges will already pass the qualification examination, and then the further calls to the local courts will be announced”, he said.

According to Stanislav Shchotka, Deputy Chairman of the HQJC, there are no calls for the appellate courts for now.

He specified that the restoration of justice in the first instance courts is also arranged through the procedures of assignments to the courts of the same level and specialization.

“This procedure takes less time and allows to redeploy the post of judges from the occupied territories of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions to other courts, where the justice administration situation is critical”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the HQJC.

He also said that the work on the assignments of judges lies ahead of the Commission in connection with the reorganization of the courts.

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