A CEPEJ report on the work of courts in 45 member states has been published

The report of the European Commission on the Efficiency of Justice of the Council of Europe (CEPEJ) “Justice Systems in Europe: Efficiency and Quality of Justice – 2018” in assessing the functioning of judicial systems in 45 member states was published on the website of the HQC.

The document helps to understand the general features of the functioning of courts, highlights the main trends in the development of the judiciary and points the problematic issues in order to improve the quality and efficiency of justice, reports the “ZIB”. The Report provides a comparative analysis of the judicial system budget; the judiciary, ways of selecting judges, terms of their post, qualification improvement, judges’ remuneration and status; organization of work of courts as general or specialized jurisdiction; execution of legal proceedings and other issues. The report also contains key facts and analyzes to assess the state of the judiciary and its development, and highlights the most pressing issues of the functioning of modern European judicial systems. It is worth noting that the Report provides the high-level representatives of governmental establishment judges of various instances, judicial authorities and judicial self-government, prosecutors, lawyers and law schools to familiarize themselves with the positive experience of other states on the issue and use it in their activities. Recall that the European Commission on the Efficiency of Justice was established by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in September 2002. Since 2004 CEPEJ has been evaluating the judiciary systems of member states of the Council of Europe every two years. The CEPEJ consists of experts from 47 member states of the Council of Europe. Representatives of Ukraine in the European Commission on the Efficiency of Justice are CEPEJ Member, Head of the High Qualifications Commission of Judges of Ukraine Serhiy Koziakov and National correspondent CEPEJ, acting director Head of the Department for International Cooperation of the Registry of the Commission Yulia Tkachenko.

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