Advocate`s Opinion: Will the Attack on the Judge Be Revealed?

Yevgenii Grusovets, Partner of Ario Law Firm reported at a briefing about the progress of the investigation regarding the beating of Larisa Holnik, the judge of the Zhovtneviy district court in Poltava, and her husband.

She is the one who a year and a half prior to these events demonstrated a video that shows how a person who looked like the mayor of Poltava is trying to “negotiate” with the judge about the closure of corruption administrative proceedings against him.

As indicated by Ye. Grushovets, who acts as the advocate of the judge, immediately after the attack, the information was inserted into the unified registry of pre-trial investigations according to Art. 296 “Disorderly conduct” of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. L. Holnik was recognized as a victim. However, according to the advocate, the perpetrators are not identified yet.

“The law enforcement agencies had to consider all versions of the crime, including, perhaps, some domestic reasons, but more likely, the fact that Larissa has the status of a judge”, said Ye. Grushovets. He assumes that criminals “fulfilled the order for some kind of reward”.

Despite the evidence available in the case, for example, a bicycle that was left on the scene and from which certain samples were obtained, as well as the cap used by the attacker to cover himself, the investigation did not achieve any significant results in the disclosure of the crime. Furthermore, according to the advocate there are complaints filed and criminal proceedings opened against the victim…

Meanwhile, the absence of an objective and just punishment actually entitles these individuals to commit other crimes. “The only qualitative result in this case can only be that people who committed the crime will be identified and prosecuted”, Ye. Grushovets underlined.

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