Almost 3.000 judges want to resign

According to the information of the Board of Judges of Ukraine, almost three thousand judges are ready to resign as a result of the recent judicial reform. There is a possibility that inexperienced judges could fill their positions, which, according to the Board of Judges, could have a negative impact on the situation as a whole.

Valentyna Symonenko, the Chairwoman of the Board of Judges, made such statement during the meeting with the representatives of the Canadian Support for Judicial Reform Project (SJRP).

“If one takes into consideration that currently 40% of the judges (2700 people) in the judicial system are “freshmen” judges with a maximum experience of five years, whereas the positions left by those who will quit may be filled by new judges with no experience at all, it is obvious that the consequences of such incompetence will affect the country for many years to come”, she pointed out. Therefore, according to the Chairwoman of the Board, any possible changes should be deliberated and well-thought-out.

As for the corruption rampant among the judges on the scale that the politicians claim it to be, V. Symonenko claims that there are no grounds to believe so. She noted that such conclusions were drawn as a result of the judges’ evaluation, which had started in February 2016 in accordance with the Law on Observing the Right to a Fair Trial” (91% of the judges passed the lustration evaluation).


Source: Law and Business

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