Almost half of Ukrainians do not believe in justice: A poll

According to the poll conducted by the Hague Institute of Internationalization of Law (HiiL), 44% of Ukrainians do not trust the courts and their decisions.

Thus, it is noted that almost half (44%) of Ukrainians believe that there is no use trying to seek justice in case a problem that calls for a justice procedure arises.

According to the study, it turned out that those who do decide to deal with the problem through justice are dissatisfied with the process. It is particularly hard to obtain professional legal consultation.

However, a portion of populace – the displaced persons – have better chances, while also having more needs (70%), at getting justice, generally in more specific matters. Two thirds of the displaced persons have to deal with their issues through justice, with enormous help from non-governmental organizations.

It should be added that the poll covered 6500 respondents from 24 regions of Ukraine, including 600 displaced persons, except for the Crimea residents.


Source: UNN

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