An extremist attacked the lawyer of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s Ternopil Diocese

On March 22, after a regular hearing on the premises of the Court of Appeal of Ternopil Region, an unknown attacked A. P. Zakharchuk, the lawyer of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s Ternopil Diocese.

The attacker, whose face was covered with a mask, approached the attorney from behind and poured iodine on his head. Due to having an antiseptic in his eye, Andrii Petrovych suffered a chemical burn. This fact was recorded at the hospital.

The lawyer himself says that he is constantly subjected to humiliation and verbal abuse on behalf of the representatives of “Right Sector”, who come to the court hearings. They take the liberty of pushing the attorney, intentionally stepping on his feet, and threatening him with physical violence. Therefore, it is quite likely that the attacker belongs to the membership of the aforementioned radical group. A criminal proceeding has been opened as a result of the attack.

Currently, the attorney is fighting for the right of the Svyato-Mykhayliv community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Butyn Village, Zbarazh District, to their own temple that the dissenters took away in October 2014 using a familiar raider scheme. Back then, during the takeover, the representatives of “Kyiv Patriarchy” enlisted the support of the radicals from “Right Sector”, because they claimed to be “afraid of provocations”.


Source: Orthodox Journalist Union

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