An official was killed in Zaporizhia region due to the “street lustration”

On October 19, one of the leaders of the local gas management died in the intensive care unit of Melitopol city hospital.

A man with a gunshot wound to the head was taken to the hospital in the evening on October 15. The bullet passed just below the eyeball and lodged in the temporal bone. The official’s neighbor shot during a quarrel. The latter was caused by the fact that the wife of the victim came to the store by corporate transport of her husband and a group of men, including the abovementioned neighbor, began to shout: “lustration”.

The official from local gas management came to understand the situation and after a verbal altercation was shot in the face from a pistol “Flaubert”.

The attacker is under house arrest, the police has reclassified the article, according to which the criminal proceeding is conducted, from “attempted murder” to “murder”.


Source of information: Holos Ukrainy

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