Analyst: attempts to sabotage the Cross Procession violate democratic principles

In accordance with the Constitution, all citizens of Ukraine have a right to freedom of religion and a right to peaceful assembly. Whatever the reasons behind the attempts to stop the Cross Procession – 2016 from happening may be, they constitute a violation of democratic foundations. Kost Bondarenko, the Head of the Board of the Institute of Ukrainian Politics, stated the above, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” .

I believe that a divide within Orthodox Christianity will not be intensified. The state should not interfere in spiritual matters and the politicians are wrong when trying to make their judgment of church affairs. Especially since the Security Service has officially refuted that the procession is a “display of separatism”. The Cross Procession to holy places is an ancient Christian tradition. But it is the first time in our history when a procession was organized first and foremost to reinforce peace, unity of the country. The fact that the believers have marched towards one another from Western and Eastern Ukraine is quite noteworthy ”, Kostyantyn Bondarenko believes.

The analyst points out that there are tens of thousands people marching in the columns. “ If there are so many people striving for peace, why shouldn’t they have a chance to express it? Whereas the time of radicals is drawing to a close and I think that their fire will ‘burn out’ on social media ”, Kostyantyn Bondarenko says. “Radicals are afraid of peace because it would render them pointless. They want anarchy, permanent revolution. They react with aggression to any appeals for peace. Radicals even began to criticize Nadiya Savchenko after she made a plea for peace ”, he said.

The police promise to ensure public order at any cost. Let’s hope so ”, the analyst concluded.

Let us remind that on July 3, the All-Ukrainian Cross Procession of peace, love and prayer for Ukraine set out of the Holy Assumption Sviatohirsk Lavra, while a prayer march from the Holy Assumption Pochaiv Lavra set out towards the former on July 9.

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