Andrii Derkach calls on the Cabinet to draw up and fund the education programs for medical students in the rural area

Article 49 of the Constitution of Ukraine proclaims that it is the obligation of the state to create conditions for efficient and accessible healthcare for every citizen. However, as a result of the incompetent policy of current leadership of the Health Ministry of Ukraine, healthcare in the regions is being systematically destroyed instead of being thoroughly reformed.

Andrii Derkach addressed the issue: “Last year I already registered a ruling on the dismissal of incumbent Health Minister Kvitashvili at the Verkhovna Rada, but back then my initiative was backed by neither the Parliament leadership, nor the representatives of the pro-government coalition. And now we must reap what we sow: the medical institutions on district and local levels are barely holding it together. The current procedure for allocating medical subventions in the district hospitals does not cover the monthly expenses, while the shortage of drugs, doctors, and medical equipment is absolutely astonishing. The residents of our districts and rural areas are specifically affected by the lack of qualified medical personnel”.

According to the National Institute for Strategic Studies, currently over 111 thousand health workers of Ukraine’s healthcare system are people of retirement age, whereas the staff deficit is around 30000 doctors.

As for our region, right now Sumy Region is in a dire need of 1700 doctors, including 500 doctors of the general family health practice. Only 27 (!) students are currently studying within the district program for young specialist training for the healthcare facilities in the Sumy Region Northern Districts. Most of them are the residents of Seredyna-Budskiy and Putyvl districts”, MP noted.

During his work visits and meetings with the staff of district hospitals, the students of medical universities and colleges, and the health workers of FAPs, Andrii Derkach has thoroughly examined the healthcare personnel situation in Sumy Region. His conclusions were brief:

Taking the complexity of the situation into consideration, I believe that such conditions call for seeking out and using all possible funds and alternative sources for drawing the doctors, for taking measures in order to secure the specialists and the personnel of junior medical specialists already available. First and foremost, it is the program for healthcare personnel training co-funded on the state and local levels that may become the primary means of drawing young specialists to the hospitals.

Considering the aforementioned circumstances, Member of Parliament has forwarded an MP inquiry to the Prime Minister of Ukraine A. Yatseniuk with request to draw up the education program for medical students in the rural area based on co-funding by the state and local budgets with subsequent employment of young personnel at the local healthcare facilities.

The appeal was announced at the Verkhovna Rada session on Friday, February 5, 2016.


Source: Nedelya

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