Appeal to the Attorney General of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko


Member of Parliament of Ukraine

Interfactional Parliamentary Association
“For the Protection of Violated Rights of Citizens and
Against Political Repression
“Forbidden to Forbid”

Attorney General of Ukraine
Mr. Yuri Lutsenko


Dear Mr. Lutsenko,

In order to protect freedom of expression as fundamental value without which Ukrainian democracy cannot endure, a group of concerned journalists prepared a collective appeal to heads of diplomatic missions of the United States and European countries in Ukraine with the request to support the organization of a round table, under the patronage of the US Parliament, PACE, the Council of Europe and The European Parliament. The specified letter of application remains open for signature; journalists, public figures, deputies and other concerned citizens join it daily.

In view of the foregoing, in accordance with Article 86 of the Constitution of Ukraine and Article 16 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Status of People’s Deputy of Ukraine”, I am forwarding the above-mentioned open letter to you in order to take measures under the authorization on stopping the pressure on the media and to establish the freedom of expression in Ukraine.

Please report on progress made in and on the outcome of the application within the terms defined in Article 16 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Status of People’s Deputy of Ukraine”.


Annex: 1. The open letter of application of journalists, public figures and deputies (4 pages).

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