Brits Are Offered to Fly to Ukraine, Because of “Abundance” of Beautiful Women Here

The British tabloid The Sun told the readers that the “abundance” of beautiful women is one of the advantages of traveling to Ukraine.

Scandalous banner at the Kharkov airport, which is advertising the organization of sex tours to Ukraine. Photo: Jutta Sommerbauer, Facebook

The material was published on the occasion of the launch of new flights of the European low-cost airline Ryanair to Ukraine, according to “Voice of America”.

“The move by the low-cost airline is great for the Eastern European country, which has been on the brink of a humanitarian crisis thanks to a five-year conflict with Russia”, the publication noted.

In addition to the low prices for accommodation, cigarettes and alcohol, The Sun notes that Ukraine has long been a popular stag do destination for both male and female Brits.

“The main reason why guys like going to Ukraine is because the women are some of the most beautiful in the world and they are in abundance”, the tabloid quoted one of the organizers of holidays for Brits in Ukraine.

At the same time, “Voice of America” notes that due to the low standards of living of the vast majority of Ukrainians, the image of the destination for sex tourism has been maintained for a long time by Ukraine.
Anna Romanova, the Head of the Subcommittee of the Verkhovna Rada on the Development of Tourism, Resorts and Recreational Activities wrote in November 2017 that the reputation of the country as a “zone of cheap (free-of-charge)” sex tourism” harms the tourism industry and the image of Ukraine and female Ukrainians.

“The image of a cheap destination of women of easy virtue attracts the relevant contingent. It is like a snowball. It gets tougher every day to get rid of such a label”, the Deputy noted for the “Novoye Vremya” journal.

According to Romanova, the appropriate answer to these concerns is the formation of a “strong Ukraine brand” based on “history, spirituality and traditions”.

Ukrainian human rights defenders, in their turn, are concerned not with the protection of the Ukrainian image, but with the protection of persons engaged in sex work. According to the public organization “Alliance of Public Health”, in Ukraine there are at least 80 thousand sex workers. They become victims of both criminals and corrupt law enforcers, while being outside the law.

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