News on human rights violation in Ukraine and activity of the Intrafractional Association “Forbidden to Forbid”

Lawyers will collaborate with the prison service

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The Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Lawyers and Guarantees of Advocacy at the UNBA (Ukrainian National Bar Association) and the Administration of the State Criminal Executive Service of Ukraine agreed on cooperation.

What Mistakes in the QDCB (Qualification and Disciplinary Commission of the Bar) decision will help the attorney to avoid disciplinary action?

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The lack of certain data in the text of the decision of the Qualification and Disciplinary Commission of the regional bar on bringing a lawyer to disciplinary actions for committing a disciplinary offences and disciplinary action against him leads to the cancellation of this decision by the Higher Qualification and Disciplinary Commission of the Bar.

The SCCU judge evaded arest

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The High Council of Justice decided to return the submitted application of the Deputy Prosecutor General for consent to the detention of the Viktor Tatkov – a judge of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine.

Competitions in appellate, commercial and administrative courts have been announced

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The HQCJ has announced vacancies for judges in the courts of appeal, as well as in local administrative and commercial courts. It is necessary to submit the documents for participation in the competition to the courts of appeal on September 25, and the candidates for the positions of judges in local commercial and administrative courts – on September 3.

The judge complains about strangers’ phone calls

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The judge was distracted from work by calls from an unknown number. The woman wanted to discuss with him the details of the case that was under consideration. He dropped the phone, and ignored further attempts to connect.

About a payment card

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Cards as payment instruments and access to bank accounts are a form of official documents, but not an important personal document. This is stated in the Supreme Court ruling of 14.02.2019.

Two judges did not declare the sale of cars, and another did not file a declaration for three years

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The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption sent to the court administrative protocols against 3 judges for the declaration of false information. In particular, the retired judge from Cherkassy did not indicate the received income from the sale of the car Mazda, and the Kharkiv judge did not declare the purchase of Volkswagen, another Luhansk judge untimely filed the declaration for the past years.