Citizens of Ukraine really don’t trust the authorities – a poll

Most Ukrainian citizens do not trust almost all Ukrainian public authorities. This is confirmed by the results of the poll conducted by the Fund “Democratic Initiatives” and the Razumkov Center.

For instance, 70,1% of respondents do not trust Petro Poroshenko, 22,5% trust the President, and 7,3% are undecided.

79,4% of respondents have expressed their mistrust of the Verkhovna Rada, 14,3% trust the Parliament, while 6,3% are undecided.

70% of Ukrainian citizens have no trust for Vladimir Groysman’s Cabinet. They are trusted only by 16,1% of the respondents, while 13,9% are undecided.


The police also have a negative trust index. 39,7% of respondents trust the police, whereas 44,2% do not. However, sociologists do note the increase in trust for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 2015, the militia was mistrusted by 57% of respondents.

Meanwhile, the National Guard, army, church, public organizations and volunteers display a positive trust index.

Respondents mostly trust Ukrainian media as well (48,8% versus 44,9%).

Sociologists have conducted the poll between May 11 and 16. They have polled 2016 adult respondents in all regions except for Crimea, annexed by the Russian Federation, and occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk Regions.

Statistical error constitutes 2,3%.


Source: Human Rights Information Center

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