Clearance by shortage: The HQCJ says that half of the judges quit on their own

Half of the judges who have already been dismissed or who should be dismissed within the qualifying examination voluntary resign from the judiciary.

A member of the High Qualifications Commission of Judges Mykhaylo Makarchuk told about this to “Law and Business”, and expressed his gratitude to public organizations that provide information about judges, which helps in conducting the examination.

«A half of the judges who, according to the results (editor note: the qualifying examination), should be dismissed, did not pass the examination, and another half voluntary resigned – thus, the judiciary undergoes clearance and self-cleansing action” he said. – We understand that there is a staff shortage in the courts because of this, therefore, as soon as possible, we make recommendations for the appointment and transfer of judges. Currently, 252 judges – “Five-year period” – have already received recommendations for appointment. The judges of appellate instances that have successfully passed the examination are waiting for the transfer to 40 appellate courts this week”.

  1. Makarchuk expressed his gratitude to public organizations and to all who provide information on judges, helping the Commission to carry out the examination that promotes the restoration of trust in the judiciary in society.
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