Competition to the Supreme Court: despite doubts about the decency, Yemets was admitted to the qualification audit

“High Qualification Commission has admitted me to the next stage of the Supreme Court competition. Admission is the result of successful completion of the special audit”.

It was stated on his Facebook page , by the MP Leonid Yemets who participates in the competition for the post of Supreme Court judge.

He also noted that among “negative comments” expressed by the NACP was mentioned “I had not indicated to be the ultimate beneficiary of the limited liability company. In my explanations I pointed out that I was not the ultimate beneficiary since my share was less than 25 percent of corporate rights (a legal requirement for the determination of the final beneficiary). The information on share of the LLC was indicated, respectively, in another section of the declaration”.

However, the journalistic investigation discovered other inconsistencies in the MP’s official expenses and incomes. Many questions were also asked regarding the property of his second wife.

However, this information was not taken into account by the HQC.

Moreover, the auditors were not confused by the fact of granting loan by L. Yemets to a citizen under 520% per annum. Public integrity council, which is in connection with the competition to the SC called on everyone earlier to report about fraudulent behavior of candidates, did not take into the information about L. Yemets either.

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