Copyright on tailor-made works will be regulated by law

It is proposed to regulate the copyright on objects created by order or under an employment contract, as well as introduce mechanisms for countering the patent “trolling”.

It is described in “Law and Business” .

The Cabinet approved two draft laws on the protection of intellectual property, developed by the Ministry of Economic Development. The draft “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts Regarding the Settlement of Copyright and Related Rights Issues”, in particular, it regulates the issues of ownership of property rights to objects of copyright and related rights created by order or under an employment contract.

Licenses are introduced in digital form, provided by means of electronic communication in the form of a public offer, and free licenses that provide the author with flexible tools for the legal and free distribution of their own creative results.

The draft “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine to Improve the Legal Protection of Inventions and Utility Models” provides for the filing of electronic applications for registration; improves the mechanism for substantiating applications to Ukrpatent (in particular, the right to file an objection to the application within 6 months from the date of publication of information about it); introduces the principle of “post-grant opposition” – the possibility of recognizing the right to an invention and utility model as invalid in the administrative order after the grant of a patent; provides for measures to prevent “patent trolling”.

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