Crimea appealed rejection to stop “restoration” of Khan`s Palace

Lawyer Nikolai Polozov appealed against the decision of the Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Simferopol, which refused to accept the claim for closure of the reconstruction work of The Khan`a Palace in Bakhchisaray.

“The determination of the Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Simferopol, which states that the “restoration”, but de facto the destruction of the Khan`s Palace does not affect the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the Crimean Tatars, was submitted to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Crimea for a second instance appeal by me today”

It is obvious to all reasonable people that it is almost impossible to obtain justice in the Russian courts. Especially when it comes to officials and big money. At the same time, the case should be reviewed by all Russian court instances for further work in the international bodies, which is already being in progress”.

Polozov said that it is almost impossible to obtain justice from the Russian courts, but his complaint will allow him to continue work on the Khan`s Palace case in the international bodies.

It should be reminded that in early January, the Kharkiv Human Rights Group pointed to the reconstruction of the Khan`s Palace in Bakhchisaray. Activists revealed that the wooden fortifications of the palace are being detonated, and the original lost tiles are planned to be replaced with Spanish “old-style” tiles. Moreover, the construction company “Kiramet” and the Moscow architectural firm “Atta” have no experience with restoration work.

A month ago, former Head of the Bakhchisaray Historical and Cultural Reserve Elmira Ablyalimova claimed with the court to stop the “barbarous reconstruction” of the Khan`s Palace. However, the Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Simferopol had refused the application, referring, to the fact that the actions of the construction company “Kiramet” in no way affect his rights, freedoms and interests.

The Khan`s Palace was included in the preliminary UNESCO World Heritage List back in 2003, but the necessary work to establish its international status is not yet being completed. According to the former Head of the Crimean Committee for Interethnic Relations and Deported Peoples, Edem Dudakov, the restoration work jeopardize the receiving of this status.

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