Deputy appeal to Oksana Markarova, Minister of Finance of Ukraine


Member of Parliament of Ukraine

Interfactional Parliamentary Association
“For the Protection of Violated Rights of Citizens and
Against Political Repression
“Forbidden to Forbid”

To The Minister Of Finance of Ukraine
Mrs. Oksana Markarova 


Dear Mrs. Markarova,

During the fulfillment of deputy powers, I became aware of the possible commission of unlawful actions by individuals in the sphere of supplies to the territory of Ukraine of integral complexes and spare parts for high-precision medical equipment, which is used in public health facilities.

On the territory of Ukraine there are a number of enterprises the beneficiary of which is Gayevskiy Kostyantin Stanislavovich (Ukrainian, born in Zhytomyr, 07.07.1967). In particular, there are LLC “UMT +», PLC «UMT», LLC «Medtorg», LLC «NPO «DIXION Ukraine».

In media Gayevskiy K. S. is well known as the only supplier of medical equipment of Toshiba Medical to Ukraine (МRТ/CT – devices, ultrasonography, X-ray devices, etc.) for more then 10 years.

At the same time, Gayevskiy K. S. established a number of enterprises abroad, in Slovakia, for which he received the exclusive right to sell Toshiba equipment and continued to supply it to Ukraine through his Ukrainian enterprises.

Sale of medical equipment was carried out within tender procedures, at unduly high prices. However, instead of the new Toshiba devices, Gayevskiy K. S. delivered out-of-dated, already used, and often non-serviceable spare parts to Ukrainian hospitals.

Such cases are not isolated and appear in all regions of Ukraine and put patients at risk, which can be fatal.

However, in spite of the established facts of the provision of enterprises of Gayevskiy K. S. (“UMT +”, “UMT”, “Medtorg”, “NPO“ Dixion Ukraine ”) to the customs control bodies of inaccurate information about the cost of devices when supplying outdated “Toshiba” equipment to Ukraine and using subsidiary companies in Slovakia (“In Med sro ”, “In-X medical sro”, “SVS T002 SRO”, “Panah F.C. Ssro”,“Іntеgrаl Col Servis s.r.o. ») in order to illegally withdraw funds from the state and local budgets in especially large amounts, the schemes continue to function and bring super-profits to their owner and individuals, who cover criminal acts.

Considering the above, on 03/19/2019, a deputy appeal was sent to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine to verify the above facts. The appeal was left without attention of officials of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

Учитывая вышеуказанное, руководствуясь статьей 86 Конституции Украины и статьей 16 Закона Украины «О статусе народного депутата Украины», прошу Вас организовать рабочую встречу с руководством Министерства финансов Украина, Государственной фискальной службы Украины и Таможенной службы Украины с целью создания рабочей группы по данному вопросу, обсуждение проблемных вопросов и проверки фактов изложенных в моих обращениях.



Andrii Derkach

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