Double selection

An election to the High Anti-Corruption Court began within two days after the approval of the number of the stuff. Also, it is announced about an additional contest for 78 posts in the Supreme Court. Applications process starts on August 8, and will end on September 14.

Consequently, lawyers and active judges are invited to compete for 117 vacancies in total. However, it is allowed to apply only to one of six departments.

Thus, 26 candidates will be elected to the Cassation administrative court, 23 – to the Civil, 16 – to the Economic and 13 – to the Criminal court. Over a week ago, more than 1 000 people declared their intention to take part in this competition. However, during the first selection there were 40% candidates more, but in fact only half of them submitted the documents.

At the same time, a competition for 39 posts of the Supreme Anticorruption Court was announced. This coincided with the signing by the President of amendments to the law “On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges”. The application documents will also be accepted separately to the HACC and to the Appeals Chamber. At present, 610 lawyers are going to compete for these positions.

Given that the HQCJ will have to work on several fronts simultaneously, moreover, a new selection for judicial positions is planned to be arranged in September. The Commission expects to complete its part of work in the spring of next year, that is, to determine the ratings and future corrupt officials and new judges of the SC. However, according to Serhii Koziakov, the Head of the HQCJ, for this purpose they will somewhat slow down the qualification evaluation of active judges.

It is known that the establishment of a Public Council of International Experts will be an additional challenge for the selection of HACC. Currently, the Commission has received only a list of organizations which Ukraine cooperates with in the fight against corruption and a promise to appoint its representatives to this Council until September 15. By and large, by that time there will be no work for them, since the day before the application process will be just closed.

Actually, the members of the HQCJ take a pause in meetings for August, in order to gain strength for new accomplishments. And only the Head of the Commission will be left in charge.

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