EU slams the draft bill on pre-trial confiscation in Ukraine

The EU Mission has criticized the draft bill on pre-trial confiscation. The members of the EU Mission are convinced that the bill on pre-trial confiscation, which was supported by the Verkhovna Rada in the first hearing, is incompatible with the EU standards and does not ensure the right to a fair trial.

The Mission of the European Union to Ukraine has slammed the bill #4057 adopted in the first hearing, which allows the confiscation of “funds, monetary values, and income from them until the court sentence” within the framework of criminal proceedings under appropriate circumstances.

According to the Mission, this draft bill “ contains no sufficient guarantees of protection for the right to property, which would meet the EU standards ” and constitutes a step towards the implementation of “ harsh legislation (…) with no protection for the right to a fair trial and property rights ”.

The members of the Mission have emphasized that in order to avoid possible abuse, the pre-trial confiscation initiative must be accompanied by mandatory reinforcement of the guarantees of respectable owners. However, there are no such guarantees in the aforementioned draft bill, according to the Mission’s statement.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the draft bill #4057, drawn up by Members of Parliament from “People’s Front” Yuriy Bereza, Sergiy Pashinskiy, Andrii Teterev, and Tatyana Chornovil, as well as MPs from “Petro Poroshenko’s Block” Ivan Vinnik and Artur Gerasimov, on March 17. 228 Members of Parliament supported it.

Earlier, the expert also slammed the bill. According to them, such legislative initiatives of MPs violate the fundamental principles of justice – both Ukrainian and international.


Source: EuroUA

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