Expert comments on crime level: nobody comes back from war with no guns or explosives

Ukraine is going through a period of total unemployment and easy access to any weapon, which, in turn, facilitates the increase in crime.

Yuriy Martynenko , the expert on law enforcement, expressed such opinion while analyzing the statement of Khatia Dekanoidze, the Head of the National Police, who confirmed that the number of crimes in the capital had increased by 45%.

Social factor is playing a defining part right now. When the country has effective culture of law observance, the crime level will be corresponding. On the other hand, in the country, which is going through total unemployment, with much of the population possessing illegal arms, the crime will keep increasing day by day ”, Martynenko believes.

The expert noted that a lot of weapons are being brought back from the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone right now.

Anyone can get any weapon they want right now. Of course, this used to be the case before too, but not to this extent. Almost no one comes back from war now with no guns, explosives, ammunition, or grenades. Those who have experienced war cannot imagine their lives without weapons anymore ”, he elaborated.

On the other hand, had there been a strict law enforcement mechanism, there would have still been crime, certainly, but the percentage of solved cases would have been much higher.

The rate of solved crimes right now is extremely low, it is practically non-existent. The crime with no punishment breeds the criminals’ confidence that they could keep getting away with it, and they are also perfectly aware of the situation within the police ranks right now ”, he emphasized.


Source: Slovo I Dilo

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