Financial Police staff will be 6 times less than Tax police

The Ministry of Finance is preparing a draft law on the Financial Police. The draft, which is soon to be submitted for the Government consideration, envisages a quota for representatives of the defence and law enforcement agencies and reduction of personnel up to 2,500 employees.

It was stated by the Minister of Finance Alexander Danilyuk, reports «Law and Business».

“Сurrently we are working on comments of the Ministry of Justice and will take into account those ones which meet our principles of creating a new service, namely: 1. replacement of a power approach to an analytical approach; 2. reduction of personnel from 15,000 up to 2, 500 people; 3. non-interference in the work of honest business; 4. staff renewal through a transparent competition and an independent selection committee.

Representatives of the defence and law enforcement agencies should not exceed 25% of the total staff; 5. decent salaries, which will reduce the risk of corruption and provide an opportunity to attract the best staff”, the Minister wrote in his Facebook.

A. Danilyuk hopes that the draft law will be submitted to the Government and Parliament in the nearest future.

“We are planning to submit the draft law to the Government at the next meeting and hand it over to the Parliament after its approval. Any “technical errors” will not be welcomed this time”, emphasized Danilyuk.

He also drew attention to a mistake in the text of the law “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine on the improvement of the investment climate in Ukraine”, which came into force on January 1, and de jure left the Tax police beyond the law. Minister believes that this error should not be corrected.

“Should we fix the mistake thereby legalizing again the repressive Tax police? Obviously, we should not. We should move forward. Therefore, in the coming days, the Ministry of Finance will submit for the Government consideration the draft law on the Financial Police establishment, which business is waiting for, and which is also referred to in the IMF memorandum”, the Minister of Finance said.

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