Government executives have learned to detect corruption

Specialists of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention taught the legal aspects of organizing the work on corruption preventing among they trained representatives of the Penitentiary Staff Training Centre of the State Penal Service of Ukraine in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Khmelnytsky and Chernihiv regions.

«Intensive three-day training took place in Kiev for representatives of the State Penal Service» reported «ZiB» in the press service of NACP. The training was conducted in order to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge on the prevention and detection of corruption.

At the first day of the training, special attention was paid to the theme of legislative requirements for the prevention and settlement of conflict of interest. In particular, they talked about the actions of the head in connection with the establishment of a conflict of interest, liability for violation of the legislation and ways to prevent conflicts of interest.

Also at the trainings they considered the issue of the principles of anti-corruption policy in Ukraine, peculiarities of inspections and official investigations to identify the facts of corruption and corruption-related offenses and features of consideration of messages (appeals) containing information on signs of corruption and related to corruption offenses.

The training was conducted with the support of Ministry of Justice, National Agency for Civil Service of Ukraine and United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine.

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