“Holos Ukrainy” published the law on the High Council of Justice

The Verkhovna Rada’s official newspaper “Holos Ukrainy” has published the law on the High Council of Justice (HCJ). It will come into force from January 5.

HCJ is created due to the reorganization of the Supreme Council of Justice, as written by Ukrainian News .

The High Council of Justice has the authority to dismiss judges, to submit recommendations to the President on their appointment, to make decisions on violations by a judge or prosecutor of the incompatibility requirements, to bring them to disciplinary responsibility.

Moreover, the HCJ has the power to deprive the immunity of judges suspected of committing crimes.

In addition, the Council will decide on transferring judges, their business trips, as well as on approving their quantity in the courts.

Furthermore, the High Council of Justice would have powers to appoint and dismiss the Chairman of the State Judicial Administration and his deputies, as well as managers of the Judicial Protection Service.

The High Council of Justice consists of 21 members. The Congress of Judges elects some 10 members; the President appoints two of them, the Parliament, the Congress of Lawyers, the Ukrainian Conference of Prosecutors and the Congress of Representatives of Law Educational and Scientific Institutions – two more each of them.

The Chairman of the Supreme Court is a member of the HCJ by virtue of his position.

HCJ decisions could be appealed only in the Supreme Court.

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