How does the government help the displaced from Donbass and Crimea?

The Russian aggression in Southern and Eastern Ukraine has been going on for two years now, which has caused the migration of population of unimaginable proportions within the country. Most often it is the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk Regions, who had to abandon their homes. While running from war, the people have left almost all their possessions in the conflict zone and had to find new means of subsistence upon arriving in the peaceful territory. It is the duty of state, first and foremost, to assist them with that, as over 1,747 million people have appealed to the state for help from the moment of Crimea’s annexation until now.

According to the data of the Ministry of Social Policy, almost 722 thousand families receive state benefits. Still, there are many complaints about the mechanisms and rates of state support for the temporarily displaced persons, and they are rather serious ones. For instance, the monthly benefit rate for one family is more than meager: 884 Hryvna for a family member not able to work (children, pensioners); 949 Hryvna for a disabled person; 442 Hryvna for the able-bodied displaced persons. In total, such benefits cannot possibly exceed 2400 Hryvna for one family.

In response to the accusations the representatives of the Ministry of Social Policy only shrug and say that they are trying to dispense the funds as economically as possible. Due to this, Pavel Rozenko has even begun a campaign aimed at combatting fictitious migrants. This concerns the people who de facto continue to reside in the territories occupied by the terrorists, yet they keep receiving benefits as the displaced persons. According to the Minister’s calculations, they have already cost the state about 10 million Hryvna.

You can find out more about the state support for the internally displaced persons in the infographics of “Slovo I Dilo ”.

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