How often we need to rest to improve our health

To maintain your health you need at least 3 weeks of vacation per year. Even 4 days without work have a positive effect on the body by reducing stress levels. However, too long vacation is harmful.

Internet-resource “Law and Business” reported.

According to British experts, vacation is needed every 62 working days, it means, the break between the holidays should not exceed 3 months. Otherwise, aggressiveness of a person increases, concentration decreases and immune system weakens.

At the same time, even short four-day vacation significantly reduces stress level and improves state of health. However, too long break is not good. Dutch scientists have found that the positive effect of a vacation of more than two weeks is weaker than that of a short-term one. In addition, some fatigue arises after such a rest.
Researchers observed six dozens of volunteers who spent on vacation from 15 to 34 days in a row. Among them were both supporters of active and extreme rest, and lovers of passive lying on the beach. All study participants periodically answered questions about their state of health. When they returned home, they also passed several tests.

It turned out that the optimal vacation period is 7 days. After the first week of rest, volunteers had the best indicators of health and good mood. And after 12 days of vacation, this beneficial effect began to fade. The participants complained about fatigue and poor health.

Furthermore, most volunteers, especially those who chose a beach holiday, gained weight. On average, about 1 kg per week. And this is already quite palpable harm to health, scientists point out.

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