Human rights activists: warring parties of the Donbass Conflict have violated the laws of war

The parties to the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine have violated the laws of war, according to the annual report on the situation in the world by the international human rights organization “Human Rights Watch”.

They (the warring parties – ed.) carried out indiscriminate attacks, including the ones using cluster ammunition, which resulted in death and injuries of the civilians. Both the government forces and the Russia-backed rebels have been based in densely populated areas or nearby, in doing which they threatened the lives of civilians and civilian facilities, such as schools, hospitals, and houses. There is substantial evidence of several types of personnel mines having been used in Eastern Ukraine, although at the moment of completion of this report it was impossible to determine the side or sides responsible.

According to the human rights activists, there is “reliable evidence” that both sides partook in torture and cruel and degrading forms of treating hostages.

The human rights activists stated that all warring parties have violated the international humanitarian law.

“The restriction of freedom of movement introduced by the government in January 2015 resulted in the delay in delivery of humanitarian aid, particularly, medicine, to the areas affected by conflict, which caused a severe humanitarian hardship for civilians”, the organization pointed out.


Source: Human Rights Information Center

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