The Verkhovna Rada has agreed on the minimum social security standards

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted the Act on Ratification of the Convention #102 of the International Labour Organization on the minimum standards of social security. Ukraine has undertaken the obligations under nine sections of the Convention.

Today the relevant Act (the bill #0091) has been adopted as a basis and in general.

Let us note that the Convention was adopted at the 35th session of the General Conference of the International Labour Organization on June 28, 1952, in Geneva. For Ukraine, the document shall enter into force twelve months after the date of registry of Ukraine’s document of ratification with the Director General of the International Labour Office.

Ukraine undertakes obligations under the following sections of the Convention:

  • Section II “Medical Service”;
  • Section III “Sickness Benefit”;
  • Section IV “Unemployment Benefit”;
  • Section V “Old-Age Benefits”;
  • Section VI “Aid in the event of industrial injury or occupational illness”;
  • Section VII “Family Support”;
  • Section VIII “Maternity Allowance”;
  • Section IX “Disability Benefit”;
  • Section X “Benefit in the event of loss of a breadwinner”.

The Convention provides the minimum standards in the aforementioned areas, which will have to be adapted in conformity with the Ukrainian realities. However, MPs point out that the implementation of the document’s norms will require both additional calculations and extra funds.


Source: Law and Business

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