Human Rights Watch states that the Security Service of Ukraine was torturing the suspected person in the state treason. SSU denies

Human Rights Watch, an international human rights organization, states that the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has detained a woman suspected of treason for two days with torture without contact with the outside world.

This is reported by “Radio Svoboda” .

“The authorities of Ukraine should immediately investigate allegations that Mastikasheva was illegally detained and tortured”, the director of Europe and Central Asia Human Rights Watch Hugh Williamson said .

According to the statement of human rights activists, 29-year-old Ukrainian citizen Dariya Mastikasheva , who lives in Moscow, visited her mother and son in Dnipropetrovsk region in August, and she was detained by the SSU representatives when she tried to take the bus back to Russia.

Mastikasheva’s relatives said that they had no information about her for 2 days. Subsequently, the woman was charged with treason, and a court in Dnipro city decided to put her under arrest.

Mastikasheva’s lawyer told human rights activists that the officers forced her to read for camera the confession in work for Russian FSS and the intention to recruit veterans of military operations in the east of Ukraine to commit acts of terrorism in Russia, in which the FSS would have blamed Ukrainian authorities.

At the same time, the SSU press secretary Elena Hitlyanskaya stated that the accusations against the special services were “groundless.”

“The Security Service has acted and operates exclusively within the law, therefore, all Russian information propaganda, thus trying to defend itself from its failure of the terrorist attacks that they planned – we would not comment on it”, Hitlyanskaya said.

On August 17, the SSU Head Vasiliy Hrytsak stated that the Service had found out the mechanism of Russian special services through which Russian FSS planned to use former ATO fighters to cover terrorist attacks on its territory.

According to him, two suspected people who are in charge of the export of Ukrainian fighters were taken into custody.

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