In 2016, 24 police officers were suspected of violating the rights and freedoms of citizens

This year, 24 law enforcement officials were presented as suspected in the violation of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens.

This was announced by Chief Inspector for Special Assignments of the Office of Commissioner’s control over compliance with human rights in policing Bogdan Patskan .

“This year, the prosecuting authorities have opened more than 100 criminal proceedings. In particular, there are a few for torture, infliction of injury on another person, illegal detention, unjustified criminal prosecution and others. According to the results of the preliminary investigation, in mentioned 14 criminal proceedings 24 law enforcement officials were reported as suspected, related to violation of the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens”, a journalist of the Information Center for Human Rights quoted of Bogdan Patskan .

He assures that the National Police management constantly carries out the prevention activities aimed at preventing torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading forms of treatment by police officers.

“Special attention is paid to the identification and prevention of illegal detentions of citizens, infliction of bodily harm, storage of service items in the office, which can be an instrument of torture and cruel treatment. On identifying violations, the official inspections are carried out. If the facts are confirmed, the perpetrators are brought to justice”, he says.

Bogdan Patskan has informed that a new subject on ensuring human rights and freedoms, freedom from torture, as well as jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights are included in training courses for police officers, who are entered for the police service for first time.

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