In jails in Lviv region prisoners have no bed linen and medicines – the Prosecutor’s Office

In Lviv region during the inspection of the detention of prisoners in temporary detention centres (TDC) of the National Police, the prosecutors found no bed linen, utensils and necessary medicines.

As a journalist of the Human Rights Information Center was informed in the press service of the Lviv region Prosecutor’s Office, on April 22-23 during the inspections of TDC No.2 (Drohobych town) and TDC No. 5 (Pustomyty town), a number of violations were identified in conditions of detention, material support and provision of necessary medical assistance to prisoners.

In both TDCs during the inspection, the prosecutors found that prisoners did not have bed linen. At the same time, there is no bed linen in Drohobych TDC at all, and in Pustomyty TDC the it is available but prisoners are not given out.

In addition, in both special institutions prisoners are not provided with a sufficient number of cutlery (utensils).

During the inspection, the prosecutors determined that there were no means for disinfecting cells, office, auxiliary and sanitary facilities in Drohobych and Pustomyty temporary detention centres. The available medical kits lack the necessary medicines for emergency medical care, and part of available medicines have expired.

The Prosecutor’s Office informed that on April 24 instructions were sent to the management of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Lviv region on the results of inspections to eliminate the revealed violations.
In the communications department of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Lviv region, the correspondent of the Center for Human Rights Information was informed that the inspections initiated by the Prosecutor’s Office were started and measures to eliminate violations were taken.

Currently, there are 6 temporary detention centres in Lviv region. During the period of 2012-2016, the activities of 12 TDCs were suspended due to inconsistency of the detention conditions with the requirements of the current legislation.

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