It is possible to return retired judges to overcome staff shortage, – the rector of NSJ

Since many specialists took off their robes, and staff shortages intensified in the system, it makes sense to invite retired judges to continue their professional activities. The High Council of Justice can do this.

This idea was voiced by the rector of the National School of Judges Mykola Onishchuk (who is the chairman of one of the working groups of the Commission on Legal Reform) during the VIII Judicial Forum of the Ukrainian Bar Association, which is being held in Kyiv today, the Law and Business correspondent reports.

The practice of attracting such j0udges in common law countries has been developed for a long time, according to N. Onishchuk. Therefore, retired judges will be able to help deal with the reload of cases.

The rector of the NSJ also recalled the latest trends in procedural changes. He advocated improving the quality of work of the first and appeal instances.

In particular, through the deformalization and efficiency of justice at these levels. As a result, the decision of the appellate court should be seen as the final stage of consideration, that is, appeal to the appeal will take place for truly exceptional legal reasons. Consequently, the highest authority will receive the long-awaited unloading.

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