Judges are offered to make a daily report about all contacts

Deputies offer judges to report on all contacts (meetings, calls, messages, etc.) with any persons within the framework of their professional activities providing their full name, place of work, position, telephone number.

The draft law 7421, introduced by the MP Yuriy Derevyanko, contains such provisions “Law and Business” .

According to the explanatory note, the draft law proposes to post reports in the Single Judicial Information and Telecommunication System, which functions in the courts, the Supreme Council of Justice, the Supreme Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine, the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine, their bodies and divisions. Before that, the SCJ should approve the form and procedure for the submission of such a daily report by the judge.

The draft law provides that if the judge has not submitted more than five daily reports to the Single Judicial Information and Telecommunication System without justifiable reasons, it will be regarded as a significant disciplinary offense for which the judge may be dismissed from office.

In addition, the draft law proposes to oblige judges in case of any interference in the administration of justice to immediately post a message on this in the Single Judicial Information and Telecommunication System, as well as to inform the SCJ and the Prosecutor General. As indicated in the explanatory note, for not informing about the case of interference, the judge can be brought to disciplinary responsibility in the framework of disciplinary proceedings. Currently, the judge is obliged to address with such a report within five days after he became aware of such interference.

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