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Who will protect the intelligence?

Squints will feel protected, and the royalties will pay for the use of inventions, claim managers of the contest to the specialized court, which will punish the thieves who steal people’s mental work and fantasy.

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Piecemeal “masterpiece”, or Each and every People`s Deputy should suggest his amendments to the CPC!

Only such a thesis can characterize a long bacchanalia with an attempt to reform the criminal process and unsystematic changes to the Criminal Procedure Code. And this despite the fact that for a rather short period of the CPC’s action (compared to the CPC of 1960, which had been in force for more than half a century), more than 50 amendments and additions have been made to this legal act.

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Privatization-2018: How Does It Work?

The Law “On Privatization of State and Municipal Property” is in effect for 2 months already. It has established new rules for the game and has opened new opportunities for potential buyers and investors. We will try to analyze the some changes and its impact on the implementation of privatization processes.