Kostinskiy: Russia Completely Destroyed the Ukrainian TV and Radio Broadcasting in the Annexed Crimea

Russia completely destroyed the Ukrainian television and radio broadcasting in the annexed Crimea, by seizing radio-frequency resources of equipment and infrastructure which belongs to Ukraine.

This was announced on Facebook by Sergei Kostinskiy, a member of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine.

“The Russian media, together with the armed forces of neighboring Russia, have become a state tool for the occupation of the Crimea. Russian broadcasters have taken the place of Ukrainian TV channels and radio stations”, he stressed.

According to the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine and the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, there are 26 radio stations, licensees of Roskomnadzor, carry out radio broadcasting in the occupied Crimea as for now.

Another 19 Russian radio stations operate in Sevastopol (14 legal entities). Television broadcasts are broadcasted by 26 Russian TV channels (22 legal entities). In Sevastopol there are 27 TV channels (23 legal entities).

Kostinskiy noted that in 2014, Russia stole 503 frequency assignments which were used by Ukrainian TV channels and radio stations for broadcasting in the Crimea on the basis of the National Council licenses.

In total, as a result of the occupation, about 2 million citizens of Ukraine living in the Crimea and more than 80,000 Ukrainian citizens living in the south of the Kherson region lost access to the air-time (both analogue and digital) signal of Ukrainian TV channels and the radio signal.

According to preliminary estimates, the state telecommunication operator and the Ukrainian broadcasters suffered direct damage to more than UAH 200 mln (at 2014 prices), because of the seizure of infrastructure and equipment by Russia.

Kostinskiy noted that all TV and radio broadcasters are fully controlled by the occupation authorities and are used to promote war against Ukraine, the EU and the United States.

“News is replaced by disinformation. The public statements are limited, and journalists work in accordance with instructions received from the occupation authorities of the Crimea. Other journalists are being harassed, persecutions are taking place against them and their families, there is an imminent threat to their lives“, he added.


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