Lawyer Who Ate Case Materials Was Convicted In Russia

Not all methods of the client protection can be beneficial. In Russia, the court sentenced 40-year-old Maksim Bushin, who ate the case materials in front of the assistant judges.

According to, in the judge’s chambers Bushin considered the materials of the case about an administrative offense of a client accused of driving in a state of intoxication. The man took out of the case the client`s protocol with an appointment to a medical examination, as well as the invoice with the results of the exhaled air alcohol test. After that he ate these documents in front of the court employees.

In response, the assistant judge had complained to the police. The law enforcement agencies detained the lawyer and filed a criminal case on obstruction of justice.

In that case, Bushin’s actions did not help his client. She lost her driving license. And the defendant himself was sentenced to a fine of 50 000 rubles (UAH 21 000).

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