Lawyers and entrepreneurs discussed how to protect their business

Mukachevo Union of Entrepreneurs held a meeting in an updated composition. The leading topic of the meeting was the discussion of cooperation between lawyers and entrepreneurs in order to protect small and medium-sized businesses.

“Law and Business” reports: On November 2, 2019, was held a meeting of the updated board of the Mukachevo Inter-district Union of Entrepreneurs.

Established in 2000, the union is currently undergoing a new stage of development, combining the interests of lawyers and entrepreneurs. However, it was the founder of the union, Olexiy Fazekosh, who built the powerful mechanism for legal protection of entrepreneurs.

During the meeting, city entrepreneurs shared their thoughts on how much power at the legislative level supports or, on the contrary, impedes the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

Actually, in order to improve and facilitate the work of entrepreneurs, lawyers offer to borrow the European trend of cooperation.

It was also decided to strengthen the Union’s potential. For this purpose, it was decided to expand the composition of the Board of the Union.

In particular, the well-known lawyers of the region, Mykhailo Beran and Mykola Butash, now additionally work in the area of legislative activity and legal protection of business. They also set up a secretariat for the Union (headed by Darius Bilovar, Head of Communications Department). Volodymyr Shubets, the head of M-Studio TV channel, will be responsible for the cooperation with the media.

By a common decision, the members of the union agreed that the new deputy chairman of the MIUE(Mukachevo Inter-district Union of Entrepreneurs), local council deputy Robert Ivancho, should be responsible for the direction of interaction with state authorities and the overall development of the Union.

Also, those present came to the conclusion that at the next meeting it it necessary to decide on one candidate who would represent the interests of the union at the meetings of the Mukachevo Executive Committee.

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