Lawyers will be punished for unethical statements and inaccurate information

Lawyers will be punished for distributing inaccurate information and unethical statements.
This is reported by “Law and Business ” with reference to Ukrainian National Bar Association (UNBA).

It is reported that on May 11 the working group has developed changes in the Rules of Advocacy Ethics. They take into account the practice of the disciplinary commissions and the decision of Ukrainian National Bar Association.

According to the rules, unethical statements by lawyers against each other, dissemination of inaccurate information are recognized as the basis for disciplinary action.

“The rules of lawyer ethics are the fundamental document that the bar should follow along with legislation. It is a code of professional standards and rules with responsibility mechanisms for their violation.” It is the existence of such rules that gives the advocacy a special status as a self-governing institution” said during the meeting Valentin Gvozdiy , UNBA Deputy Chairman.

He believes that the rules should be upgraded towards clarity of wording and unification of application. They should not only provide for responsibility, but also provide protection against unreasonable pressure on lawyers by the complainants.

In UNBA they say that the current version of the Rules corresponds to European standards and, in particular, to the code of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE). At the same time, compliance with the requirements of the largest professional organization in Europe does not mean that there is no need for further improvement of these rules clarifying them in the light of Ukrainian realities.

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