Lawyers will learn to use a practice of European Court of Human Rights to protect the human

On  November 3, the Higher School of Advocacy of the Ukrainian National Bar Association will provide a course «Ratio decidendi, as a pledge for rendering of effective legal aid to criminal proceedings».

«In the press office of the Higher School of Advocacy, during conference listeners will find out about the features application of the provisions of Article 6 Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of ECHR and national courts, firstly Supreme Court», informed ZiB.

The course established for listeners who are untrained in the scope of practice of ECHR in advocacy and covers the main themes for knowledge of protection algorithm.

The practice of the European Court of Human Rights is an important instrument of professional legal aid. Lawyers and advocates will solve complex legal challenges in the sphere of human rights. The course will increase the level of understanding by lawyers and advocates of theoretical and practical problems in the sphere of law of the European Court of Human Rights and in renewed procedural legislation, the bar legislation, advocacy. This course makes it possible to solve certain legal challenges in the sphere of human rights protection.  So this course is important for advocates and for lawyers too.

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