List of candidates for the post of main lustrator has been published

The Ministry of Justice has promulgated the list of ten candidates for the post of Director of the Lustration Department. The Ministry has assured that if there is “no worthy candidate” among them, the re-contest will be announced.

According to the CMU press-service, the competitive selection will be held from 17 to 19 January, reports «Law and Business».

The Ministry of Justice encourages journalists and members of the public interested in the topic to take part in the competitive selection as observers.

“If there is no worthy person among the represented candidates, the re-contest will be announced. Our goal is to find the best possible candidate”, assured in the Ministry of Justice.

The list of candidates who have submitted documents for participation in the contest for the vacant position of the Director of the Lustration Department is as follows:

1) Iesik Tatiana – carried out the activities as an arbitration manager;

2) Samoylenko Anna – a Chairman of law union “National Legal Chamber”;

3) Kovalevskaya Lyubov – a Chief Specialist, Monitoring and Reporting Division, Internal Audit Department of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;

4) Chikovani Alexandra – a Chief Specialist, Division of information and analytical work and interaction with the public institutions, Lustration Department of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;

5) Shevchenko Natalia – a Head of the Division of organization and carrying out inspections of the declarations of property, income, expenses and obligations of financial nature, management of taxes and duties for individuals, Central Kharkov Regional State Tax Service, State Fiscal Service of Ukraine in Kharkov region;

6) Tatarchenko Oleksandr – an Attorney, the Prosecutor’s Office of Moskovskyi District of Kharkov city.

7) Dubrova Alisa – an Legal Counsel, “BKB” LLC;

8) Bondar Vadim – a First Category Specialist, Division on processing incoming correspondence of civil jurisdiction of automated document circulation management, High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil Criminal Cases;

9) Yarovoy Vitaliy – a Senior Investigator for particularly important cases, Financial Investigations Division, State Fiscal Service of Ukraine in Kiev region;

10) Krupchak Nazar – an Advising Assistant to the MP of Ukraine Valeriy Babenko.

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