Lustration in Ukraine has stopped work of courts

The lustration process in Ukraine has turned into split-up of the positions. Such opinion was expressed by the representative of Ukraine to the Venice Commission Vladimir Pilipenko.

He noted that the lustration should have an individual character, it was necessary for Ukraine to create a special body that would supervise the process – independent from the executive and legislative branches.

In addition, according to Pilipenko, judges should be separated from the lustration process.

They should be checked in accordance with another law. The lustrators went so far that currently thousands of judges have resigned voluntary, more than ten courts do not operate in Ukraine so far. Thus, people do not have an access to justice, ”, considers Pilipenko.

He also emphasized that contrary to the optimistic statements of Ukrainian officials, the Venice Commission did not “reconcile” and “approve” the process of lustration in Ukraine since it had no mandate for this.

Source: Comments

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