Lviv Letter-Writing Marathon to Political Prisoners of the Kremlin

Several dozen people came to the museum “Territory of Terror” in Lviv to write a letter to the captives of the Kremlin, for whom the word from their homelands would be a ray of hope.

The photos of political prisoners, which are illegally detained in Russia, appears on the screen one by one. There are a lot of Crimean Tatars among them: Enver Bekirov, Ruslan Zeytulayev, Ferat Sayfullaev, Remzi Memetov and others. Their names are next to Ukrainians – Roman Suschenko, Stanislav Klykh, Pavlo Hryb, who has shared the plight of the hostages of the aggressor.

Yurii Yatsenko, a former political prisoner and the current Adviser to the Minister for Foreign Affairs on Release of Prisoners, told about the far-fetched accusations, tortures, continuous moral and physical pressure against the captives.

“I faced prosecution on spurious criminal charges, was taken directly from the hotel room on the second day after arrival to Russia on business matters. Obviously, the reason was that I had registered with my passport with the Lviv residence permit. From there the police had passed on information about me to the FSB and they found out that I was the Maidan activist. Since then the means of physical and psychological pressure began to force me to cooperate so that I could testify that Ukraine sent me allegedly to conduct an anti-Russian activity, espionage and subversive activities. And that I refuse to perform the criminal orders of the Ukrainian authorities and to appeal to the Federal Security Service for protection and assistance”, – Yatsenko told.

Over the past three years, he has been dealing with the release of the Ukrainian political prisoners, he is being constantly in touch with them and their relatives. At the same time, Yatsenko noted that very few letters were written to the captives. Therefore, he together with the leaders of the museum “Territory of Terror” decided to organize a marathon on writing messages to political prisoners. Dozens of youths have responded eagerly to this initiative.

“Each such letter brings to the attention of the “justice” system of Russia that the Ukrainian people remember and monitor political prisoners` fate”, – Olga Gonchar, the Director of the museum, said.

According to her, letters can be written within a month. The postboxes are placed in the museum “Territory of Terror”, the Lviv Organ Hall and the “Sputnik” Cinema on Levandivka (translator’s note: it is a residential area in the Zaliznychniy district on the western outskirts of Lviv, separated from other areas by railways). The Charity “Relatives of the Kremlin prisoners” will submit these letters directly to the political prisoners.

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