Ministry of Justice will announce the third competition for the post of the Head of the Lustration Department

This week the Ministry of Justice is planning to announce again the competition for the post of the Director of the Lustration Department.

The Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Sergey Petukhov wrote the news on his Facebook page .

“We plan to appoint an acting Director of the Department this week (on lustration – Ed.), as well as announce a repeated competition for the Head and competitions for Deputies,” said Petukhov, pointing out that the Minister of Justice “has already stated publicly that he would be happy to return Tatyana Kozachenko for the post of the Head”.

Petukhov recalled that recently a competition for the position of Director of Lustration Department was held for the second time, but during the contest “failed to find successor to Kozachenko”.

“This time only three candidates were admitted to the interview, despite the fact that both contests had worthy candidates, none of them, according to the commission, had the experience and reputation necessary for managing the lustration processes in the state. Unfortunately, this is part of the general trend, when it is very difficult to find worthy people for public service work on current salaries. Moreover, those who want to join the Public Lustration Council are not very active in applying documents” added Petukhov.

“I can say that the Department is operating normally, the team collected by Tatyana Kozachenko has left without changes. Speaking about the reorganization of the department – I do not see any reason for any dramatic changes. The objective fact is the reduction of the caseload on the department. I can see it clearly due for reducing the volume of documents issued by the department”, said the Deputy Minister of Justice.

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