Ministry of Justice will not appoint Kalinchuk as main lustrator

It has been reported in the Ministry that they are opposed to the appointment of a person against whom the public is. The Deputy Minister of Justice Anna Onishchenko has objected to the appointment of Anna Kalinchuk as Acting Director of the Lustration Department.

She informed about this in Facebook .

“Anna Kalinchuk will not perform the duties of the Director of the Department, since I am strongly against the appointment of the person in respect of whom has arisen so much negative reaction in the society. There is a sufficient number of professionals, working at the Department, and they can easily hold the position of Acting Director, at least until the end of the ccompetition”, stated Onishchenko.

She has clarified that as the Chief of Staff, she stands for a constructive approach to solving the personnel issue in each department of the Ministry.

“Moreover, Tatiana’s Kozachenko actions on imposing a certain candidate, who has a significant negative resonance in the media and society, are regarded as pressure and lobbying interests incomprehensible to me”, noted Onishchenko.


Source: RBC

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