More than 10,000 complaints against judges were baseless – a member of the HCJ

The main purpose and tasks of the institute of disciplinary liability is the restoration of trust in the judiciary. This was emphasized by the member of the High Council of Justice Andrii Boyko.

According to the press service of the Council, 12 thousand disciplinary proceedings were considered over the past 9 months. Meanwhile, the lion’s share of complaints (10400) are returned without consideration, because of lack of signs of disciplinary misconduct. Therefore, according to the member of the HCJ, it is necessary to improve the existing procedures.

There were only 130 cases where grounds for bringing judges to justice were found and disciplinary measures were applied.

The disciplinary chambers were wrong in 25 cases when finding grounds for penalty. Thus, according to the results of the review, the Council refused to bring judges to justice.

A. Boyko explained that both the nature of the committed violations and the judge, in particular his reputation, assignment, compliance with ethical standards, etc are taken into account when determining the penalty.

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