Ms.Lutkovska recalled that the SSU’s temporary detention centre is outlawed

The Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Valeriya Lutkovska urged the SSU to ensure that people’s deputies would provide for the SSU’s preptrial detention centre in the law. [/ bs_lead]

“Today, the detention of people in a single SSU temporary detention centre is illegal. I said this in 2012, I continued to say this in 2017 and I am waiting for appropriate changes in the legislation”, she stated on November 17 during a roundtable in “iZONE” gallery.

According to the journalist of the Human Rights Information Center , the Commissioner noted that the conditions of detention in the SSU’s temporary detention centre have been improved.

“I cannot help but notice the positive attitude of the management of the SSU pretrial investigation department towards the people who are held in the detention centre, in fact, with the respect to human dignity. However, the very existence of a place that is not specified in the law is a huge problem, she said.

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